“Opening” Our Minds to the Challenge of Consistent Creativity in Government

Are you in the “open” mode?

Is your mind ready to pursue digital communications in an exploratory fashion that embraces triumph and failure?

As government communicators, that’s sometimes a challenge due to old ways, bureaucracy, rules and inertia. We’re public servants in 2012, but are we adapting fast enough to the change we see? Often, the change we’re experiencing is already years old. How do we both keep pace and ahead of the curve?

Creativity calls our name, but many of us in different ways. I’m creative about many things, but I often fall short in other areas. You’re probably in the same place, too — inconsistent creativity.

I try to draw inspiration from people’s words — their experiences, concepts and passion. TED Talks are, of course, one constant source of ideas.

A video I recently discovered, though, has really focused the challenge of creativity for me. The actor John Cleese (“Monty Python”) delivered a riveting lecture about creativity years ago. This talk is certainly TED worthy, as one YouTube comment declares.

Cleese describes how creativity needs “open” and “closed” modes so our minds can prepare and focus to be creative (in social media, government or whatever our work). He then details the key ingredients for the “open” mode to succeed:

  1. Space
  2. Time
  3. Time
  4. Confidence

I invite you to watch the full lecture and his great delivery of it here…

… or a key excerpt of it here:


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