About @g_r_e_g

Who am I? Why am I here?

I am not just a Twitter username with annoying underscores. My name is Greg Licamele and I am a public information officer for Fairfax County Government in Virginia. During the last 12 years as a government communicator and prior as a university communicator at The George Washington University, I have led, witnessed, struggled, adapted and changed as these dozen years have hatched remarkable change.

The goal of my writing is simple: it’s not to preach the virtues of a perfect communications world, but rather share examples and observations of innovation and thinking differently, while questioning my perceptions of the status quo so we can move our communities and profession forward as digital PIOs.

Think differently. Think digital.

I have a deep passion for the intersection of emergency management, disasters, communications and social media. In Twitter hashtag lingo, that’s #smem. I’ve completed master’s degree work on both angles (emergency management and public affairs) and I have served a county and university by fusing those two areas together when incidents have affected our communities.

My communications roots come from journalism and a day doesn’t pass when I do not recall the outstanding lessons learned at the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication at St. Bonaventure University. I am forever indebted to the many mentors who provided that foundation we all need to be good communicators –whether as journalists, public information/affairs officers, public relations staff, marketers, broadcasters or whatever other form communicators take today.

When I’m not serving as a public information officer, I’m in love with my family — my brilliant wife, Elizabeth, and our two young daughters, who bring us so much joy (and if you’re into food, you can follow my wife’s writing as she details her quest for homemade cooking happiness). Baseball and the Washington Nationals frequent my radar screen, too. And on the side, I voluntarily help lead the communications efforts (create/manage the website, produce podcasts, generate social media content) of a truly peaceful, life-giving Franciscan retreat called Mt. Irenaeus.

Thanks for visiting my small stash of pixels on the Internet!


Important Footnote!

The view expressed on this blog are my own and not necessarily those of Fairfax County. I am speaking only on my behalf when I cite work experiences and not official positions of the county.


What Do You Think?

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